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Main Task

In accordance with the integrated control requirements of public measurement and other public welfare undertakings made by the municipal government, and according to the authorization or commission by relevant government departments, APM will be responsible for integrating common technology base resources, optimizing the allocation of public measurement resources, coordinating the direction of non-profit investment in fixed assets, and managing the new stated-owned assets.
APM will also need to plan, construct, and manage comprehensive experimental bases which may have significant crowding effects of resources, but will have obvious professional testing advantages and complete public services through the organization and implementation of public testing research and services in the fields of government's public affairs.

Basic Thinking

In accordance with municipal requirements, the construction of APM adheres to the principle of establishing a "multi-testing-in-one" municipal testing center with public technology platforms and dedicated functional platforms.
As a guideline, APM will adhere to the principle of focusing first on the new incremental investment in relevant testing institutions and then on the gradual transportation of stock.
It will also adhere to the principle of being beneficial until the final completion of the APM construction and at the same time ensuring inspection and testing units a smooth transition during the construction period.
APM will also, whenever possible, hold to the mottos; "planned together, and gradually carried out," "easy first and difficult later," "smooth management," "clearly identified property rights and internal settlement."
As suggested by the research, APM will constitute a "multi-testing-in-one" basic framework with a combination of public technology platforms and dedicated blocks of function. The construction of public technology platforms will be based on the characteristics of being high-value, large-scale, fundamental, and sharable. They will be integrated on the basis of existing technology institutions with more concentrated resources. Two public technology platforms will be created and named the Basic Performance Testing Platform and the Physical and Chemical Analysis Testing Platform. The construction of the dedicated functional blocks will be based on the requirements of the current national laws and regulations. Adopting the statutory testing and inspection agencies established by administrative departments of the government, seven dedicated functional blocks will be classified and formed, such as Measurement and Testing, Drug Testing, and so on for each of the major functions. When possible, APM will gradually bring those testing and inspection bodies that are undertaking public affairs into APM construction in order to form the government's basic technical support for public affairs.