Testing Ability of Shanghai Academy of Public Measurement (APM)

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Type of materials:
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Standard or method used:
NoName of Products,Type of materialsNoName of ItemsCode of fieldName,Code of Specification,Standard or method usedRestriction or limitationNote
1Physical Chemical Properties1Adsorption/Desorption SEPA 106O ECD 106 EU C.18  
2Physical Chemical Properties2Partition Coefficient (n-octanol/water), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Method SEPA 117 OECD 117  
3Physical Chemical Properties3Hydrolysis as a Function of pH SEPA 111 OECD 111 EU C.7 USEPA 835.2110  
4Effects on Biotic Systems1Alga Growth Inhibition Test SEPA 201 OECD 201 EU C.3 ISO 8692 GB/T 21805-2008  
5Effects on Biotic Systems2Daphnia sp. 24h EC50 Acute Immobilization Test SEPA 202 OECD 202 EU C.2 ISO 6341 USEPA OPPTS 850.1010  
6Effects on Biotic Systems3Fish Acute Toxicity Test SEPA 203 OECD 203 EU C.1 ISO E 7346-1/2/3/ ASTM E729 USEPA OPPTS 850.1075  
7Effects on Biotic Systems4Fish,Prolonged Toxicity Test:14-day Study SEPA 204 OECD 204 ISO10229 GB/T 21808-2008   
8Effects on Biotic Systems5Earthworm, Acute Toxicity Test SEPA 207 OECD 207 USEPA OPPTS 50.6200 EU C.8 GB/T 21809-2008   
9Effects on Biotic Systems6Terrestrial Plants, Growth Test SEPA 208 OECD 208   
10Effects on Biotic Systems7Activated Sludge, Respiration Inhibition Test SEPA 209 OECD 209 USEPA OPPTS 50.6800 ISO 8192 EU C.11 GB/T 21796-2008   
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