Testing Ability of Shanghai Academy of Public Measurement (APM)

Check Type: Type of Items:  
Name of Products,
Type of materials:
Name of Items:
Code of field: Name,Code of Specification,
Standard or method used:
NoName of Products,Type of materialsNoName of ItemsCode of fieldName,Code of Specification,Standard or method usedRestriction or limitationNote
1Chemical Product1Particle size244Determination of particle size distribution of metallic powder by method of photosedimentationGB/T6524-2003;Particle size analysis-Laser diffraction methods ISO13320-1:1999;Particle size analysis-Photon correlation Spectroscopy ISO13321:1996Particle size analysis —Laser diffractionmethods;GB/T 19077.1-2003Particle size analysis—Photon correlation spectroscopy;GB/T 19627-2005Sample preparation—Dispersing procedures for powders in liquidsISO 14887:2000  
2Chemical Product2Specific surface area244Metallicpowder--Determination of the specific surface area—Method of nitrogen adsorptionGB/T 13390-1992Determination of specific surface area of catalyst and adsorbtentGB/T 5816-1995;Determination of the specific surface area of solids by gas adsorption using the;BET methodGB/T 19587-2004;Determination of the specific surface area of solids by gas adsorption using the;BET methodISO 9277:1995  
3Drinking natural mineral water1Total hardness, Akalinity, Acidity, eta llic element, nonmetallic element, salts etc. 51 items233Methods for examinatio of drinking natural mineral water;GB/T 8538-1995Except for Total β radiation, 226Ra radiation, Be, gas, Esckerichia coli, Benzo pyrene(a) 
4Drinking water1colour,turbidity,ordour&taste,visible objects,pH,total hardness,volatile phenol,linear alklybezene sulfonates,dissolved solids233Standard examination methods for drinking water---Organoleptic and physical parameters;GB/T 5750.4-2006  
5Drinking water2sulfate,chloride,fluoride,cyanide,nitrate N233Standard examination methods for drinking water---Nonmetal parameters;GB/T 5750.5-2006  
6Drinking water3Fe,Mn,Cu,Zu,As,Se,Hg,Cd,Cr6+,Pb,Ag233Standard examination methods for drinking water---Metal parameters;GB/T 5750.6-2006  
7Drinking water4CCl4,DDT,hexachlorocyclohexane233Standard examination methods for drinking water---Pesticides parameters;GB/T 5750.9-2006  
8Drinking water5CHCl3233Standard examination methods for drinking water---Disinfection by-products parameters;GB/T 5750.10-2006  
9Drinking water6chlorine residual233Standard examination methods for drinking water---Disinfectants parameters;GB/T 5750.11-2006  
10Drinking water7aerobic bacterial count233Standard examination methods for drinking water---Microbiological parametersGB/T 5750.12-2006  
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